Co-op Multiplayer games

Here are my top pics for the best co-op multiplayer games on the iPad:

• Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave
This sequel to launched for the Android platform and iOS. Second Wave contains all of the content of First Wave, as well as additional maps and game modes.Most notably, it introduces Player vs Player combat in Arenas, where “you’ll compete across a variety of territorial-combat maps, on a team, or Free-For-All.”The Second Wave also introduces a revamped UI, including removing some buttons, making a build and hero menu on the right and manual camera turning.

• Flight Control HD 
Flight Control is about as classic as games get for iOS. It not only has won a pile full of awards since it was released, it’s single handedly responsible for popularizing the whole “line drawing” and “chaos management” family of games. Everyone needs to download it while it’s free, which from the looks of it, is today only.

• Call of Duty: Zombies HD
Featuring 2 incredible Zombie maps and a host of iPad-specific improvements, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies for iPad brings one of the most successful iPhone games to the iPad and is a remarkable example of what can be done on the platform.

• Scotland Yard 
The classic board game Scotland Yard is ready to be (re)discovered now as a universal iPad and iPhone app on the iOS App Store. Faithfully based on the tabletop game of cat and mouse, which has sold over four million copies, the title tasks a group of detectives to hunt down Mister X somewhere in London.

• Party Poker
Party Poker is a monster among online poker sites. They are one of the biggest rooms with tremendous player action at any time of the day. They did suffer a costly hit to their player base when they decided to exclude US customers as a response to US legislation towards online gaming. Party Poker’s outstanding marketing efforts have resulted in a rebound of player traffic and they are once again on the rise.

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