Game Bonus Guide

Online casinos let you win before you even start playing as you can easily access thousands of dollars in bonus money. It’s easy to qualify for the bonuses. On paying your first deposit, your money not only shows up in the account, so does a deposit bonus. The amount is different from the rest of your bankroll.

The bonuses you receive are much more than what meets the eye. By educating yourself about these bonuses, you will be able to get the most from your money. So read on to learn more about online slots bonuses.

Different casinos with different welcome bonuses

It is important to know that various casinos have different means of handling welcome bonuses and its playthrough requirements. It’s important that you thoroughly go through the terms and conditions before making commitments.

For example, while most bonuses have a minimum deposit of $20 to $50, their playthrough requirements vary a lot. All online casino bonuses have expiration dates and some games may not even count towards clearing your bonus.

The best way to get bonus money faster is by making bigger or more bets. The best way to get maximum value for your total best amount is by meeting all the playthrough requirements and clearing the bonus.

Also thoroughly read the terms and conditions as you need to understand the details if you want to get the most out of your game. It also helps you avoid pitfalls like your bonus money expiring before clearing it.


How do casino welcome bonuses work?

Basically, the welcome bonuses for slots players is a simple idea wherein online casinos give you a bonus when you sign up in the hope of getting more players. Though there are lots of bonuses, like weekly promotions and in-game promotions, the focus is on welcome bonuses. These are usually worth 100% of your initial deposit amount.

Let’s take a hypothetical player named John who wants to cash-in on a 100% bonus worth a maximum of $600. On depositing $300, he receives $300 as bonus money and if he deposits $480, he receives $480 as bonus money and so on to a maximum of $600.

If John wants to deposit $1,000, his bonus is worth only $600 as it’s the maximum bonus amount offer. It does not increase even if the deposit made is significantly higher.

This sound rather easy. The only problem is that players may take advantage of this offer. They may visit and cash in on each and every site’s bonus offer even if they don’t play. This is why online casinos have some restrictions to ensure you actually play. So even after making his first deposit, John isn’t out of the woods until he meets the bonus’ playthrough requirements.

Playthrough requirements

The playthrough requirements fix an amount of money you need to wager before you can withdraw your bonus funds. This is calculated by adding the value of your bets, whether you win or lose, which quickly adds up.

So continuing with John’s example above, just imagine his $600 bonus has a 30x playthrough requirement. This means that the sum of the money he bets should equal 30x the bonus value, or should reach $18,000.

Though this sounds like a lot, even if he just breaks even at the slots, he can clear the bonus without losing a cent. As he has $600 bonus amount available to him, he has lots of wiggle room for beating the house’s edge.

Other bonuses

No deposit bonus

If there are no-deposit bonuses, players do not need to become a real money player to take advantage of the bonus. While these bonuses are usually available for small amounts, it lets players test a few of the offered slots.

It’s possible to earn real money payouts through no-deposit bonuses. While this is a risk free offer, there are no obligations for players to remain at the casino while redeeming the bonus.

Free spin bonuses

Free spin bonus offers are popular, and usually combined with welcome bonuses. Once a player registers at an online casino, they can receive various free spins on a selected slots game. These bonuses help add cash to the casino account but can be used only on selected machines. Players cannot choose the game to play.


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