Thanks to rapidly developing technology, it is now easier than ever to play slots from the comfort of your own home, on the bus, or even at work if you want! The iPhone is the premiere mobile platform offering everything from full internet connectivity all the way to robust applications to enhance your experience. It is true that Apple does tend to limit the applications that are allowed on the iPhone, but online gambling companies, particularly slot machines, have been able to push through this restriction by making the best gambling experience available right in your browser. This benefits you significantly by bringing you the games you love without requiring a hefty download. In addition to that, all code can be updated server side rather than client side. In the end, that just leaves you to enjoy your slot games! Of course you’ll have trouble enjoying them if you don’t have a few nifty strategies to help you come out on top, so keep reading and learn a bit about slot machine strategies!

Understanding Slot Machine Strategy

When it comes to slow machines you might have a bit of trouble understanding how there can even be a strategy. After all you simply pull the lever and hope for the best, right? Wrong. In physical casinos there are certain strategies that you can use to win, and with a little bit of imagination, there are some which can be applied to the virtual world. Let’s discuss some strategies that might apply online.

Fixed vs. Progressive Jackpot

There are two general types of slot machines, progressive, and fixed. Let’s talk about fixed slot machines to start. These have a maximum jackpot, meaning you can never earn above that amount. The second type, progressive, has a jackpot that grows depending on how often they are used and how many people play them. In the casino days these machines would have been networked together locally, but over the internet, they may be done remotely. This network was often responsible for a massive jackpot, but the odds of actually winning that jackpot was very low. The type you play is up to you, just make sure you understand the conditions by which the jackpot is being increased, and of course make sure you understand the odds of winning. The conditions will be slightly different because this is a digital machine, but it won’t be that far off.

Take a Look at the Paylines

A payline is the same on a normal machine as it is video slots or internet slots. This is the combination by which your winning or losing is determined. For example it could be a line of numbers, or it could be a series of symbols.

With classic mechanical video slots there was typically only one payline on display due to limitations, but with the introduction of video slots, multiple paylines can be shown. Today’s slot machines could show up to twenty-five paylines and you will decide which ones you wish to bet on.

Stick with Smaller Jackpots

Going for the biggest jackpot in the house will be tempting, we never said anything otherwise. The problem however, is that larger jackpots are harder to hit. That said, always check the maximum before you choose a slot machine to play.

Max Credits for Max Fun 

Most machines have bonuses as well as progressive jackpots, but these will only be paid out when the maximum bet is made. This is also true on flat top machines(non-progressive), an you simply cannot win big if you do not bet big. If you want to win a lot of money, choose a machine that has a large payout percentage as well as a huge jackpot amount.

These tips work well in a physical casino, but applying them to virtual slot machines might work just as well. In the end, you need to remember to have fun. There are too many people who turn slot machines and gambling in general into a high stress venture when it most certainly shouldn’t be. Finally, remember to set a spending limit on your play! Never go over that spending limit, and always make sure you’re able to come back for more in the future. There’s no need to bankrupt yourself and there is plenty of fun to be had!

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