Slots Basics

Slots are some of the most popular online games. They are completely chance based and extremely easy. They come in a variety of different themes and you have a host of options available when it comes to the number of lines that are available to play. You can play a single line or you can play all the line options available.


The rules for online slot games are simple. You do the necessary action to spin the wheels and if items match up according to the pay table available for each game, you win. If you do not have any that match, you lose the round and will need to spin and pay again. The pay tables change depending on the game, as do the graphics. In some cases, online games may have stories that offer bonuses if you make certain matches that “further” the story line.

When you select a slot game to play, make sure to read over the rules for that game. While all the rules for slot games are similar, the bonus rounds, games, or themed games may have additional rules that are specific to these games.

Pay Tables

Pay tables tell you all the available matches and tell you what each set of matches will earn you. The more matches you make the more money you will generate. These may look confusing when you first start playing but take a few minutes to review it and you will find that it starts to make sense. Most people do not spend a great deal of time paying attention to the pay table unless they are looking for games that have specific payouts or a specific range of payouts.

Learning the Game

If you want to learn the particular slot game before playing for money, check to see if the game offers a free download. Many games do and while you will not win any money for playing these types of games, it will give you the opportunity to test the game out. Some games have infrequent higher payouts, others will have frequent lower payouts, some give payouts more often than others, some might work better with your system than others.

It is important to have an understanding of the game you are going to play before playing it. It can make all the difference in your enjoyment of the game if you find games that you are going to be interested in playing before you bet real money.

Playing and Bonuses

The first step to playing a game when it comes to online slots, after you have made a game selection is to make sure you have money deposited into your online casino account. These games play with real money so you will need to start out with something. Luckily, many casinos offer welcome bonuses or initial deposit bonuses, or in some cases, both.

Welcome bonuses are generally small and in some cases are not able to be withdrawn from the casino, they are just a small amount to help you get started. Initial deposit bonuses are a great way to get some serious additional money to play with, when it comes to your slot games. The initial deposit bonuses are generally a match up to amount bonus. This means that the casino will match up to a certain amount whatever your initial deposit is, giving you a great starting balance of double your money. It is important to note the terms and conditions for these bonuses may include having to use a certain amount before being able to withdraw money from your account.


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