Why slots online are better

The debate about whether or not online slots are better than land based slots has been going on for years.  Do a little research, and it is easy to find both advantages and disadvantages for each of them.  The bottom line is that the decision is really up to each gambler.

There will be many different factors that will determine this decision.  However, the following are just a few of the reasons for why online slots are better overall:

Comfort.  Be comfortable in your own environment.  It you want to play slots in your pajamas, eat a snack or even smoke while playing your favorite games, then you can do so in the privacy of your own home while playing online slots.

Crowd Control.  You don’t have to waste your time due to the large crowds at the casino.  No more standing in long lines waiting for refreshments, money exchanges or even the bathrooms. No more circling around forever in the parking lot trying to find a parking space.

Also, you won’t have to wait in line for a slot machine.  This can be an even bigger problem if you choose to play on the weekend or on a holiday.  When playing online slots you only have to worry about yourself.  You don’t have to deal with large crowds that make playing the slots inconvenient.

Customization.  Many online slot games are customizable.  This means that you can create a gaming experience that is truly personable.  Play with the audio off or on.  Or, for the gamer who likes to multitask, use the QuickSpin or AutoPlay options to let the machine do most of the work for you while you watch your favorite television show in the background or listen to your favorite songs on the CD player.

Location.  Not everyone has access to a land based casino.  The casino might be so far away that you and your friends have to plan well in advance and treat your casino visit as a vacation.  However, when playing online slots, you never have to leave your home.  As long as you have an internet connection, finding an online slot game is easy o do.  Don’t worry about having to live close by to a casino.

Newbie Friendly. Learning a new game at a land based casino is almost impossible due to the lack of staff or a crowded casino.  Employees are never around to provide instruction, or the casino goers standing in line waiting for your machine are upset that you aren’t actually playing the game. Basically, the environment is not conducive to learning.  But this is not the case whenever you are playing online slots.

Need detailed instructions for the new slot machine that you want to play?  Don’t sweat it because many online games have interfaces that are very newbie friendly.  They have help files with plenty of instructions if you are new to the game.

Overhead Costs.  Land based casinos have overhead costs to worry about.  This means that they cannot offer high payouts on their slots like online casinos can.  When it comes to online casinos, the lack of overhead means that the savings are passed on to you in the form of higher payouts, and this is most definitely a good thing.

Timing.  Play at your own convenience, no matter what the time may be.  Maybe you cannot play until you get off work. But it is too late to go to the casino.  Or maybe, you like to play in the middle of the night whenever you can’t sleep.  Or maybe you want to play online slots while you are on your lunch break.  These things are all possible when playing online slots.

Trial Games.  Don’t want to spend money until you know how to play the game?  Don’t want to lose money while you’re learning the game?  Some online slot games give you the opportunity to play trial games before spending your hard earned cash.

Variety. Online casinos offer a larger selections of slots than land based casinos.  Unless you frequent a larger land based casino, you might not have a large selection of slot machines.  Quite naturally land based casinos only have a certain amount of space to store their machines.  However, online casinos do not have this problem.  They have hundreds of games with different themes, payouts, paylines and reels.  The average gambler could frequent an online casino site and play for days, and never run out of fun and exciting slot games to play.


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